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The class will focus on alignment, form, execution and artistry. Dancers will also  explore various contemporary styles. Emphasis is on personal artistic expression, musicality, strength, physical coordination and flexibility.


Dunham II

Barre-work is more complex and intense, building increased strength and stamina, particularly in the back and legs for advanced beginners. Exercises done at the barre and in the center emphasize balance, control and flexibility of the body. Longer combinations are done throughout the class and particularly with progressions across the floor, which include more jumps and turns. Live drumming accompanies this Afro- Caribbean technique class.


West African Dance

Students are taught regional songs and dances of welcome and praise. Each dance is accompanied by live drumming to provide students with an understanding of the relationship between the dance and musician.  



Students will learn a series of exercises at the barre to strengthen the arches and heels of the feet.  As the semester moves forward a series of rhythm sequences are done that use syncopation, double and triple timing, hand claps, finger snaps and long breaks. By the end of the semesters, students will have learned choreography based on exercises learned at the barre. Accompanied by music, students are encouraged to use all parts of their bodies and to develop more complex technical skills while tapping.


Yoga I

This class provides an understanding of basic breathing exercises and synchronized breath with movement. It increases the body's overall flexibility and strength through a series of seated kneeling, lying and standing exercises to develop a sense of balance, control, symmetry and line. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for each student to examine and maximize his or her flexibility as it relates to dance.

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