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Horton I

This beginning level for advanced beginners lays the groundwork for all that follows in the advanced levels. The basic warm up is taught: flat backs, primitive squat, descent and ascent, lateral stretches, release swings, leg swings and deep lunges. The shapes that will be used throughout the training in Horton technique are emphasized:  T positions, stag position, cross lunge and coccyx balance. The Horton technique was designed with studies to stretch and strengthen different areas of the body. Many of the beginning level studies which are taught focus on the Achilles tendon, the abdominal muscles, and movements that lengthen the spine and the hamstring muscles. Simple combinations of movements that include turns and jumps are taught to introduce musicality and dynamics to the beginning dancer's vocabulary. Performance qualities are emphasized at the very beginning of the dancer's training.


Horton II

This level uses the basic Horton warm-up with more variations. Many of the positions and shapes developed earlier are used in turns, jumps and in combinations of movement. More demanding studies are added which require more stretch and strength in the quadriceps and abdominal muscles. Hinges at the barre and falls are included in this level. The movements across the floor are longer and require more concentration and focus from the dancers. The introduction of canons and rhythmical patterns are stressed as well as the development of dynamics and projection.


Horton III

The warm-up in this level includes exercises to stretch and strengthen the legs, hips and spine. The center floor-work includes longer studies like the Figure 4 and Percussive Stroke Studies which require the dancers to remember long sequences of movements, counts and dynamics. The combinations of movements across the floor are more complicated musically and technically and challenge the dancers to learn movement quickly. The combinations include material just introduced as well as vocabulary learned in the other levels. The performance aspects of dance are emphasized.

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