Breaking Barriers 2019

ANTHONY BURRELL CENTER FOR DANCE will be holding Auditions Every Sunday this month for @breakingbarriersab SUMMER INTENSIVE 2019! 
Atlanta (Session 1) 
June 3rd-14th

Atlanta (Session 2) 
July 8th -Info coming soon

Los Angeles
July 29th- Aug 2nd

August 5th-9th

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ABCD Presents: A Contemporary Ballet Experience w/ Anthony Burrell & Jennifer Davis

Understand the depth of contemporary ballet when Anthony Burrell and Jennifer Davis take you on a journey through a deep, informative, and empowering symposium of the technique of Contemporary Ballet/Dance. If you are wanting to explore modern on another level or tap into ballet for your first time, this is for you! Register NOW! 

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We welcome all volunteers, ages 18+ to help facilitate the daily happenings of ABCD! 

There is plenty of opportunity for volunteers to help! We welcome volunteers who can provide administrative office work, technology support, graphic design, and more!

• Volunteer shifts are available mornings 9:30-12:00 and afternoons 2:30-5:00.


Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our team members will get back to you within 24-48 hours!!



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Repertory Workshops and Artist-in-Residence Workshops

Repertory workshops are given throughout the year by a diverse group of ABCD faculty members and guest artists to offer performance opportunities to intermediate and advanced students. The choreographers create original works and mount existing works on dancers who are chosen by audition. Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Workshops bring renowned dance artists from the profession to share their various areas of expertise with students of ABCD. These workshops offer supplementary technique training, creative work, and the opportunity to learn and perform original dance repertory. Students rehearse for 4-8 weeks and perform the works in onsite studio performances throughout the year and during the summer. AIR Workshops culminate in the School's Spring Gala held in an Atlanta’s Fulton county theater.

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The class will focus on alignment, form, execution and artistry. Dancers will also  explore various contemporary styles. Emphasis is on personal artistic expression, musicality, strength, physical coordination and flexibility.


Dunham II

Barre-work is more complex and intense, building increased strength and stamina, particularly in the back and legs for advanced beginners. Exercises done at the barre and in the center emphasize balance, control and flexibility of the body. Longer combinations are done throughout the class and particularly with progressions across the floor, which include more jumps and turns. Live drumming accompanies this Afro- Caribbean technique class.


West African Dance

Students are taught regional songs and dances of welcome and praise. Each dance is accompanied by live drumming to provide students with an understanding of the relationship between the dance and musician.  



Students will learn a series of exercises at the barre to strengthen the arches and heels of the feet.  As the semester moves forward a series of rhythm sequences are done that use syncopation, double and triple timing, hand claps, finger snaps and long breaks. By the end of the semesters, students will have learned choreography based on exercises learned at the barre. Accompanied by music, students are encouraged to use all parts of their bodies and to develop more complex technical skills while tapping.


Yoga I

This class provides an understanding of basic breathing exercises and synchronized breath with movement. It increases the body's overall flexibility and strength through a series of seated kneeling, lying and standing exercises to develop a sense of balance, control, symmetry and line. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for each student to examine and maximize his or her flexibility as it relates to dance.

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Minimum level requirements: Students in ballet II and III may take Jazz II; Students in ballet III may take Hip Hop; Students in ballet IV may take Jazz III and Hip Hop.


Jazz II

During this class, dancers learn the body's proper alignment, flexibility and control. Exercises follow that isolate the different parts of the body and develop complex coordination of the arms, head and legs.


Jazz III

This intermediate/advanced level begins with a fast-paced standing warm-up. Isolation exercises and short combinations will focus on extensions and turns done in the center. Dancers are evaluated on performance skills, focus, dynamic contrast and  musicality.


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Horton I

This beginning level for advanced beginners lays the groundwork for all that follows in the advanced levels. The basic warm up is taught: flat backs, primitive squat, descent and ascent, lateral stretches, release swings, leg swings and deep lunges. The shapes that will be used throughout the training in Horton technique are emphasized:  T positions, stag position, cross lunge and coccyx balance. The Horton technique was designed with studies to stretch and strengthen different areas of the body. Many of the beginning level studies which are taught focus on the Achilles tendon, the abdominal muscles, and movements that lengthen the spine and the hamstring muscles. Simple combinations of movements that include turns and jumps are taught to introduce musicality and dynamics to the beginning dancer's vocabulary. Performance qualities are emphasized at the very beginning of the dancer's training.


Horton II

This level uses the basic Horton warm-up with more variations. Many of the positions and shapes developed earlier are used in turns, jumps and in combinations of movement. More demanding studies are added which require more stretch and strength in the quadriceps and abdominal muscles. Hinges at the barre and falls are included in this level. The movements across the floor are longer and require more concentration and focus from the dancers. The introduction of canons and rhythmical patterns are stressed as well as the development of dynamics and projection.


Horton III

The warm-up in this level includes exercises to stretch and strengthen the legs, hips and spine. The center floor-work includes longer studies like the Figure 4 and Percussive Stroke Studies which require the dancers to remember long sequences of movements, counts and dynamics. The combinations of movements across the floor are more complicated musically and technically and challenge the dancers to learn movement quickly. The combinations include material just introduced as well as vocabulary learned in the other levels. The performance aspects of dance are emphasized.

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AGES 2 - 4

This children’s program offers introductory classes for students ages 2-4. This class focuses on developmental skills, and creative movement; learning the elements that are needed in dance, coordination, confidence, engagement among peers, and fun. This program provides a safe place for students to develop their love of dance.

AGES 3 - 6

Our specially designed early ballet program is an introduction to dance, its technique while integrating the strong foundations children need for ballet technique, while maintaining the joy and excitement of rhythmical movement and music.

AGES 7+  

Our program consists of an age appropriate ballet curriculum focusing on the strong classical foundations. Individual attention and thoroughness needed to build and develop a healthy dancer. A disciplined dance study that is the basis for all dance, and the starting point of dance education

AGES 12+

Classical ballet students ranging from approximately 12 years old to young adult. ABCD students train to excel in any professional environment. The Academy carefully constructed schedules expose our students to a diversity of perspectives from the Conchetti method and Russian technique based curriculum.



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Headed to go close the deal! This is the moment every teacher, class, dance school, dance company, world tour, Breaking Barriers has prepped me ...I’m hella nervous, but I’m walking in faith and following destiny. I’m going to need each and EVERYONE of your support! 

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